Headliner Removal Progress

  It was well below freezing and I had to shovel a path to the companionway but I’m happy to report the headliner removal project is done for now! Everything went according to plan but with a some tweaks: I had to augment my drawing and document every piece that I hadn’t accounted for yet. There are 44 ceiling tiles and 70+ wooden… Read more →


Headliner Refit

Most of this winter’s projects are impeded by the headliner. Want to replace the water damaged headliner tiles? Remove the headliner. Want to replace the circa 1970’s multicolor insulation foam? Remove the headliner. Want to replace the circa 1970’s RV style cabin lighting? Rewire? Add fans? Remove the headliner. Want to reseal all the deck hardware to rid Hula Girl of said leak(s)? Remove… Read more →


Halloween Haulout

Happy Halloween and Happy Haulout Day for Hula Girl. Heidi and I spent most of Saturday onboard and were able to remove the boom, mainsail, and jib in prep for the haulout. We packed up almost everything that wasn’t a tool or had something to do with maintenance, put the boat in a slip and loaded the car. So many winter projects –… Read more →

A Rare Find

There’s a boat graveyard near the Weymouth bridge. It’s kind of a boat yard but it’s really more of a salvage yard where boats are stripped of their parts and lead keels and then sent to a massive trash compactor and smashed to bits. I stopped by on a whim looking for a used instrument panel. I was pointed to a… Read more →

An Adventure

adventure noun  |  ad·ven·ture  |  \əd-ˈven-chər\ Simple Definition of adventure a risky undertaking of unknown outcome an exciting or unexpected event or course of events a hazardous financial operation; commercial speculation We left just after midnight Friday because of the sailor’s superstition of not starting a voyage on a Friday. It’s an unlucky day, likely because Jesus Christ was crucified… Read more →

Sailboat Search

Every journey begins with a single step. Ours will be baby steps, my friends, baby steps. Speaking of friends, I have to say that my friend Brandon, who skippers Northern Light, an OC 40, has been a font of knowledge, advice, and support. He has fielded hundreds questions and clicked on many, many links of things that I was looking at and has been… Read more →

Let’s Build the Onboard Computer System

In the previous post Open Sourced Sailboat I shared with you the Onboard Computer System by Casper Børretzen. I’ve built the system but have swapped out cmus for PLEX that we also enjoy at home. I’m going to experiment with adding a 1 TB HDD to hold music and movies. I’m also opting to not build the amplifier and add a Bluetooth Marine Waterproof Amplifier and speakers. Much later we’ll find a… Read more →

Open Sourced Sailboat

I was browsing /r/sailing on Reddit and found this post: Freeboard is an open source marine navigation instrument with NMEA, Seatalk, autopilot, chartplotter and WIFI server all via the browser, typically run on a Raspberry Pi. And like most things on Reddit – I went down the rabbit hole of all things open source and sailing. The next thing I found… Read more →

I Should Buy A Boat

Last summer we went out with our friends on their sailboat a few times and I found myself enjoying it and eager to learn more about sailing. I started reading, researching, and watching popular YouTube sailing channels like SV Delos, Sailing La Vagabonde, and Sailing UMA. If there’s one thing that’s evident in any of these vlogs it’s that there is always work… Read more →